iBattle Funeral Man
Mask Off

Spider J over time has gained the reputation of leaving you with memorable rounds and entertained crowds yelling for more. Armed with punch lines and a style that leaves you with a smirk you only see on sociopaths. As you take the time to examine his battle style deeper you start to witness the genius in the way he crafts his verses.

To start off, an event presented by iBattle World Wide with the type of anticipation that both performers respected. Funeral Man verses Spider J, the night already a winner, as both were battling for the most well dressed trophy. These two gentlemen made sure the crowd had to hold on to every single line. Production team guaranteed the visuals would be flawless, from any angle, so the performance had to live up to expectations. Forget rounds, sermon after sermon was fire this night. In a dark venue, under the spotlights, they gave us punches and gun bars while still blessing us with the jokes and rebuttals. Both had surprises for their opponents to contest with and it was a main event that didn’t disappoint.   

GrindTimeNow Masun

Grind Time Now events are always filled with emotions. Here we have Spider J verses Masun The audience a collection of fame battle rappers. An event that was proceeded by online trash talking and personals from more than those involved in the battle itself.

It worked perfectly for the energy and passion that we all were gravitating for that night. Both performers brought their signature wordplay that we come to expect. A controversial night but it sure added the touch of suspense needed to transform just another battle of wordsmiths until a possible shoving match too close for comfort for each. 

As Grind Time Now was the first to give Spider J a start and invite him to perform during one of their events. The Central Florida league always holds a special spot in his heart. He will always be grateful to the league owners and performers for welcoming him into their events and venues.

Grind Time Now Baesik

It is only fitting that a battle presented by Grind Time Now would be held on the grounds of Austin Coffee Shop but all jokes aside; this one was fun to witness. Spider J verses Baesik

This was a joyous night for fans of Hip Hop and they didn’t miss out on the culture being represented in its purest form. The venue allowed this to become an intimate affair for the crowd, spectators to two popular performers gaining fame recently who flew into town just for this event. Spider J came to prove that he deserves to be on the same stage as the top tier in their league. While Baesik demanding to be respected no matter how many battles it takes.